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We told you we'd be back!

And this year, WE'RE ON A MISSION...

We've been celebrating the legend that is Arnold Schwarzenegger for a solid decade. At this year's annual pilgrimage–we'd like to amp things up...


Uh huh. You heard us.

How are you going to do that?
It should come as no surprise that we’re going to invite Mr Schwarzenegger. Again. But this time around, we thought we’d sweeten the deal a bit. Here’s the skinny.… if we collectively pledge some cash to a fantastic charity that Arnold supports, maybe he’ll show up in person to say thank you. Maybe.
That doesn’t seem very foolproof…
Exactly—but we’re not done explaining yet. In a best-case scenario, you pledge some money to the charity, then party like a rock star with Arnold Schwarzenegger—in person! Worst case? Arnold Day X goes off without a hitch the way it always does, you party like a rock star with dedicated Arnold fans, AND your bank account remains untouched. That’s right—untouched. Nobody’s pledge will be “called upon” unless the real Arnold arrives on the scene!
I’m in! Now what?
It’s easy. Pledge your donations to After-School All-Stars here, and help us spread the word! Let’s get Arnold to show himself for Arnold Day X in July!
How about it Arnold?
It’s a whole day just for you! We’ve got a place. We’ve got a time. We’ll even raise some mad money for After-School All-Stars! C’mon, Do it! Do it now! (We’ve already done most of the heavy lifting).



Raised so far: $12,550


If Arnold shows, everyone wins!


our cool Arnold Day swag


our cool Arnold Day swag



The Arnold Day tradition


The Arnold Day tradition

It was a simple combination – two Arnold Fans, a 19 inch TV, a VCR (that’s right, a VCR) and the greatest pizza/beer establishment in Orlando, nay the world. Throughout the day, customers (and employees) came and went as these two warriors watched Arnold one-line the hell out of some movies. By the end of the day, a good seven films were viewed. At an average of two liters per film, it’s a wonder any memories of Arnold Day l exist.


So began a tradition. Each year, on the weekend of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthday, a celebration is held. Lazy Moon’s gracious proprietors joined the cause the following year – making Arnold Day a staple in the Orlando area.


Today, Arnold Day is practically a holiday in the Central Florida community. Hundreds of people travel tens of miles to partake in this day long celebration. Banks close early, schools shut down and corporations seize to operate. Even the Terminator himself attended the last two years. Don’t believe me? Just check out our Gallery. Arnold Day honors one of the most impressive human beings to ever roam this great earth. So come join us and show your appreciation. You owe it to the Governator. We all do.

What we will be watching


The After-School All-Stars


The After-School All-Stars

After-school programs keep kids safe, improve academic performance, promote student well-being, and help communities.


The after-school hours provide a uniquely creative and entrepreneurial time in the field of public education. High quality after school programs like After-School All-Stars leverage community resources; provide engaging learning opportunities for kids, address the major issues kids face today, and provide practical solutions for working families in under resourced communities. LEARN MORE.


Here’s how you can find us


Here’s how you can find us

Where: Lazy Moon – 11551 University Blvd Orlando, FL 32817


When: Saturday, July 26th noon to 2am


Cost: $0


What to expect: Contrary to belief, Arnold Day is not a “fanboy” convention. It is a celebration of a figure that spans many generations and platforms. We drink, we eat, and we hang out – all in the presence of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. Expect Arnold quotes, costumes and of course birthday cakes. A selected list of Arnold classics will be showing on the big screen with audio (one right after the other) all day long. Worried your favorite Arnold movie won’t make the cut – relax… because we have two other TVs looping other Arnold favorites all day long.


Enjoy Arnold Day drink and food specials too! Lazy Moon is known to give out beers for random Arnold related reasons. Dollar beers during every movie ending Arnold/Bad-Guy faceoff? Maybe.


Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest information on Arnold Day X. There just might be a few surprises to announce between now and then!


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